Our services

Here's a selection of some of the services we offer. We have a broad range of knowledge across various different technologies, so please don't hesitate to get in touch to hear how we can help you.

C/C++ & Qt Development

We have worked with C++ and Qt across a large variety of products for a number of years now in a variety of different capacities.

While we often use Qt (including both QtQuick and widgets applications), we are more than capable of working with "plain" C++ and C.

As well as building applications and products using Qt, we are well versed in working on various parts of the Qt framework itself.

In connection with our day to day work, we also have a wide network of connections to the wider open source communities, both Qt and various other projects in the wider ecosystem. If you need features written, or bugs fixed, we're more than happy to help.

Product Creation

We're able to help with all parts of a product lifecycle, from concept work, and architecture, all the way down to implementation and support, helping to identify and resolve issues of all kinds.

We also have knowledge about continuous integration, automated testing, and analytics-driven-development, which can be useful in identifying which parts of a product need improvement.

We specialize in working on top of Linux, but we have a lot of cross-platform expertise. We're able to offer a variety of services suited to your needs, such as:

  • Software development (we write software with your help and guidance)
  • Software consultancy (we help you create and better understand software with you)
  • Software training (we help you to understand how to better use tools like Linux and Qt to create your product)

Performance Analysis

We have extensive experience in examining the performance of products on all platforms using a variety of tooling to examine memory usage, CPU usage, and to find hard-to-examine stalls caused by waiting on other parts of the system.

Our work here has involved work at all levels of the software stack, from examining the application, down to the frameworks, and determining the raw capabilities of target hardware.

We can help you to determine what can be done to improve the performance of your project, and offer suggestions or fixes to help.

And more...

We're curious people, we work with a lot of things. Here's a few examples, feel free to ask us if you're curious.